Olivia -Lexile level AD270L

Olivia (Board Book) - Ian Falconer

Olivia, by Ian Falconer, is about a very adventurous and enthusiastic little girl who is good at many things. She's good at dancing, singing, and very good at changing her clothes to fit her personality/mood. Olivia goes on a trip to the art museum with her family and decides that she can be an artist. So Olivia goes home to become the artist she knows she can. Olivia is a great book to use for many activities, you can set up different activities that have to do with the activities that Olivia did in her story, or you can make the book about knowing that you can do anything if you just believe in yourself. Olivia believes in herself, so she accomplishes everything she wants to do. If you use this book to show children that they can do what Olivia does by believing in themselves like her, than you can make this into a self-esteem lesson. This book can be used for grades kindergarten through third grade. It might not have a lot of words, but the message is very clear and will get across to the students. You can also use this book as a creative writing lesson where you can get your students to write about something they are good at.