The Little Red Pen -Lexile level AD300L

The Little Red Pen - Janet Stevens, Susan Stevens Crummel

The Little Red Pen, written by Janet Stevens, Is about a little red pen who is struggling to finish grading a pile of papers. The little red pen asks the pushpin, stapler, highlighter, etc. to help her finish the papers, but the others do not want to help because they believe the pen is to strict. Well, when the little red pen falls into the pit of no return (trashcan), the others have to come together to find a way to help her get out of the pit. This is a great story to teach children about helping others and working together with others. It is also a book that appeals to Spanish speaking students because the pushpin speaks Spanish throughout the book. This book is a great book to read during shared reading time, and to guide a discussion of working together, and helping others in need. I would use this book from first through fourth grade. This is also a great book to help incorporate activities, such as re-telling the story with the characters from the book, or using paint chips to review the theme, main character, setting, etc..