The Polar Express -Lexile level 520L

The Polar Express - Chris Van Allsburg

The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg, has become a Christmas Classic in many homes, but I want it to become a Christmas Classic in my classroom. I would use this book for Kindergarten to Third Grade. To incorporate a lesson into the all day Polar Express Christmas party I would read the book to the children first and go over it with them, and then I would have them watch the movie. Later, while they are doing their many activities/crafts that go with the book/movie, I would have them compare and contrast the book and the movie. I hope to use this book for my Christmas party because of all the activities you can do from this book, and I also love the lesson it teaches and reminds you to always believe even if you can't see it. I've always wanted to be able to center my holiday party around this book and the story, so I would definitely use this book in my classroom for my holiday party.